Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crawling Around the Lower East Side

Kiseok Kim's Plastic (Woodward Gallery)
It's been one month since I started this blog and I can't believe how quickly it's flown by.  To celebrate, I thought I'd take a stroll downtown and check out the LES Art Crawl, featuring artists' work on display from various galleries in the neighborhood.
Slavka Kolesar's Phoenix (Woodward Gallery)

This was my first "crawl," and I was pleasantly surprised.  The event consisted of hopping from one gallery to the next, all within a few minutes of each other. With people providing maps at the check-ins, it was vaguely reminiscent of a scavenger hunt without the clues.  Oh, and with a glass of wine or champagne handed to you at each gallery while you gaze at the artists' work.

Michael Murphy's Iris (Gallery nine5)

Each gallery had a very unique vibe, which made the Crawl perfect.  With 10 galleries to choose from and two and a half hours to use, you could spend as much or as little time at the galleries of your choice as you please.  Paintings, photographs, sculptures- this is an indecisive adventurer's dream.  Or the dream of someone afraid of commitment.  Either way, there's something for everyone.

  Alben's Indien Inox (Gallery nine5)

In reality, the Crawl was just as beneficial for the galleries as it was for the artists.  For someone who is not familiar with what's what in the area, this is the perfect way to discover new places (and learn about their distinct personalities) in addition to new art.  The evening ended with an open bar at the underground Gallery Bar, one of two options (Hotel Chantelle was the other).  Not too shabby for a $25 outing!

 Candace Gaudiani's 0356 (Jen Bekman Gallery)

 Letha Wilson's Vertical Horizon (Jen Bekman Gallery) 

Thank you all for continuing to read my posts, I hope you've enjoyed thus far.  Let's see what next month has in store!  As always, please feel free to share feedback, comments, or suggestions.

Rebecca Chamberlain's …Wouldnʼt it be sublime…(Dodge Gallery)

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