Friday, June 10, 2011

Highlight of the week!

This week was a no-brainer!  The most spectacular exhibit I have ever seen- Ryoji Ikeda's The Transfinite, displayed at the Park Avenue Armory.  Wow, simply fascinating.  As  you walk in, you see a huge screen with black and white lights corresponding to and interplaying with sounds heard in the background.  The worn-down warehouse-turned-art-gallery creates a safe-haven of peaceful tranquility and meditation with a single tone descant resonating off its walls and riding on top of Ikeda's intermittent sound effects.  The frequency/pattern of light corresponds with the sounds, and pictures simply do not do it justice- that being said, here goes:

I could have stayed there for hours, and would have were it not for the security guard.  There are two sides to the exhibit, one which seems more interactive (the one directly in the front), and one which seems more mathematic (in the back).  All Carrie Bradshaws be warned- they DO make you take off your shoes before stepping on the exhibit.  The best part is when the music stops and the room gets pitch-black, just before starting up again with a heavy bass sound that makes you tremble.  Hurry though, the exhibit is only up for 1 more day after today and you do NOT want to miss it!

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